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    Hope school’s scholarship policy

    Hope High School has 5 years’ extendable contract with American university of Afghanistan (AUAF) to introduce its best students. After passing the exam of American university, the students with the high marks can do their bachelors with full scholarships in AUAF and the students with comparably lower scores can get up to 70% discount every educational year
    Since Hope High School has a prestigious academic status, every student is dreaming to study here. Interested students who are vulnerable and their Families cannot afford to pay the fees, the administration of school is considering them as fee free students, and meanwhile the students whose parents are teachers in Hope school can study without fee payments.
    Discipline and regulations
    Regulations play a vital role in the disciplinary of any educational institution. Fortunately Hope High School has the best rules and disciplines to provide a safe environment for a better education, therefor from the six committees that has been created one of them is a discipline committee; which is consist of a director and ten members having their specific tasks and responsibilities.
    Attendance policy
    Attendance is considered a necessity for school which is being followed every day. If a student is absent for more than three days in the class, the matter is referred to the Parents' Liaison Committee, then the committee is contacting the student’s parents, then the decision about the student will be made accordingly.
    Late Arrival Policy
    If a student arrives late to the school, he/she needs to present his/her reason for being late, and if I it happens over again, the parents of the student have to meet the members of the parents' committee, then the committee will behave accordingly
    First of all, the rules and regulations of Hope High School are introduced and read both in writing and publicly and the student is obliged to observe each one of them.
    In case of violation the following steps will accommodate:
    1- Recommendation for correction.
    2- Warning to student in the presence of his/her parents.
    3- Temporary dismissals.
    4- Permanent dismissals.
    Check out procedure
    Hope High School has its own specific reforms and regulations, which is read to each student before enrollment and the student is obliged to observe each one of.
    Dress code
    For the better recognition of students from different schools, the schools have their own specific color and designed uniform. Hope High School also has a specific uniform design in green and black color. Which can be changed after few years according to the suggestions of the student’s parents?
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