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    Enhanced Learning Environment

    Each Classroom at Hope High School is equipped with LED’s, conference halls with projectors as well as user-friendly smart interactive board for teachers/students and counselors presentations, seminars and workshops. These technologies help the students to explore and learn in more meaningful ways than before. Basic concepts such as mathematics, science concepts, and communication language and literacy, are much easier to develop with the versatility provided using specialized courses and mechanisms.

    Personal, Social & Health Education

    The extra-curriculum at Hope School aims to provide students with not only academic success, but also a holistic environment so that they can develop life skills to enjoy a more balanced life. This specialized activity is offered through a dedicated weekly class period. Students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to manage their lives and relationships, now and in the future. These skills and attributes help students to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in the modern world.

    Professional Development

    At Hope High School, Professional Development (PD) and training is undertaken by staff to maintain and advance their skills, knowledge and competencies, specifically as they relate and add value to the job and workplace. It is a dynamic process that is achieved not only through participation in formal coursework but also through School-Based Professional Development (SBPD), sharing professional experience through different seminars and workshops, collaboration, mentoring and participation in activities of professional organizations, as well as independent study, research and reflection.

    Islamic education classes:

    In Hope high school the teachers are teaching Islamic subjects that are included in the curriculum of ministry of education, apart from that a committee has been established under the title of Islamic education committee consist of a director and ten members. This committee is conducting short programs before the students start their studies every day, conducting competitions of Husni Qeraat,
    Sirat ul-Nabi’s programs, perfuming of Islamic songs and other Islamic related topics.

    Important Dates

    Student Counseling

    • Student counseling is one of the key components in Hope School academic program. The counselors (Teachers) at hope school, helping the students to focus on their career goals, recognize their strength and improve their interpersonal relationships. As counselors, these teachers are focus on students’ holistic wellbeing, with particular focus on social and emotional
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    Learning Resource Centers

    The computer and books libraries are considered the hub of learning at school. All technologies used at school are displayed & used by students individually, collaboratively & in groups for discussions and for assignments and allocated tasks. and also Laboratory is equipped and well organized in terms of facilities and experimental materials. Students can practice their science related studies according to their time table, and are able to display their knowledge and creativity as well.

    Parents Blogs

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